2019 Year-End party​!!

Farewell for CJ, DK and YH

Celebration for defense (Issac and HK)

Congrats! Chiju Kim received prestigious Post-Doctoral fellowship from Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea

Dr. Sumit selected as a researcher of the year(2019) from IBS

Prof. Cho joined as a board member of Chemical and Biological Microsystmes Society, CBMS

Prof. Cho gives Invited talks @ Nature Conf, GRC, RSC, ISMM, SelectBio, CAHO, Polish Academy of Science, etc. + Read more

Prof. Cho joined an associate editor of

Lab on a Chip, RSC.

"Near-Field Electrospinning for Three-Dimensional Stacked Nanoarchitectures with High Aspect Ratios", 

 Yang-Seok Park, Junyoung Kim, et.al., Nano Letter,2019

Herein, we report on a direct-write 3D NFES technique to construct self-aligned, template-free, 3D stacked nanoarchitectures by simply adding salt to the polymer solution. Numerical simulations suggested that the electric field could be tuned to achieve self-aligned nanofibers by adjusting the conductivity of the polymer solution.



"AI-powered transmitted light microscopy for functional analysis of live cells

Dongyoung Kim et al.,Scientific Reports, 2019

Here, we introduce artificial-intelligence-powered transmitted light microscopy (AIM) for subcellular structure identification and labeling-free functional analysis of live cells. AIM provides accurate images of subcellular organelles; allows identification of cellular and functional characteristics (cell type, viability, and maturation stage); and facilitates live cell tracking and multimodality analysis of immune cells in their native form without labeling.



"Human Platelet Membrane Functionalized Microchips with Plasmonic Codes for Cancer Detection", 

Sumit Kumar et al.Advanced Functional Materials, 2019

Here, the role of platelets in cancer diagnostics is leveraged to design a microfluidic platform capable of detecting cancer‐derived extracellular vesicles (EVs) from ultrasmall volumes (1 µL) of human plasma samples. Further, the captured EVs are counted by direct optical coding of plasmonic nanoprobes modified with EV‐specific antibodies.



"A microfluidic chip for screening individual cancer cells via eavesdropping on autophagy-inducing crosstalk in the stroma niche "

Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 2050 (2017)



"Exodisc for Rapid, Size-Selective, and Efficient Isolation and Analysis of Nanoscale Extracellular Vesicles from Biological Samples"

ACS Nano., 11 (2), pp 1360–1370 (2017)


"FAST: Size-selective, Clog-free Isolation of Rare Cancer Cells from Whole Blood at a Liquid-liquid Interface"

Anal. Chem., 89, 1155−1162 (2017)


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